Could concrete, a heavy, technical and robust material, have a delicate and soft appearance?

      My graduation work is aming to make concrete more refined and tactile by combining concrete with textile techniques and materials.
      The concrete gets a grid like a knitted or a woven fabric, a soft touch like textile by pressing material in the not yet hardened concrete or it gets a hairy layer,
      made up of textile fibres.
      These different patterns and layers on concrete represent my collection of samples.

      My designs can be produced like tiles or panels, they can be made on site in the shuttering or placed on the not yet hardened concrete, to create an all over
      pattern. The materials are an inspiration for concrete surfaces including floors, walls or furniture.

‘Soft Concrete’ is a material research with an experimental anti-industrial approach. The aim is to inspire architects and the (prefab) concrete industry.









Graduation project at the Design Academy Eindhoven

Photography Jolijn Pasmans