RASTER - a study of light
        The complete product collection

        was present at Design Icons Amsterdam 11 and 12 february
        for more information contact Jolijn Pasmans or see vintageplus.nl


                                                        The light follows an optical rhythm through the nervures and ramifications of the trees. The misted white air vaporizes into soft                                                         marchiness and separates. The twig grid forces sight and blindness through a structure.

                                                         The samples are a study of light and shadow in a space. Jolijn Pasmans did a research of the construction of threads in a textile.                                                          As usually Jolijn started with an inpsiration. With this project she used the forest in the mist of the morning. She wanted to make a                                                          textile like the branches of trees that are layered together. Besides she wanted to make a textile where light passes through. She                                                          made several patterns that gave light the opportunity to either pass or not to pass. The samples of RASTER are not woven or knitted,                                                          but melted together. This is a new innovative way of giving a structure to a textile. The size of the sample is 25x40cm. The size of                                                          the frame is 33x50cm.

                                                         These samples are for sale, all you need to do is contact Jolijn Pasmans or see vintageplus.nl