sample collection for furniture

       Autums starts when summer has left behind nature. Life and living are being evaded from the trees, the plants and the soil. Nature starts to putrefy.
       Layers of leaves are stacked on the ground, the bark of a tree is covered with frost.  

                               Layers of woolen fabric attached to wood.

Wood carvings in coloured wood and an upholstery fabric.

A thin layered gauze as an upholstery fabric.

A handwoven fabric, warp made out of flax and wool, weft made out of plastic yarns.

A macramé knit, consisting out of wool and flax, felted.                             Dry felted flax and wool combination.

Layered wood

Hand woven wool and palstic.

Tin on walnut tree wood

Shiny versus raw wood.                     Tin drops on a table leg.

Layered relief upholstery fabric

hand woven fabric with leather and plastic yarns

                    appliction in furniture


This project was an assignment of Helen de Leur at the Design Academy Eindhoven